We are a global team of storytellers, technologists and artivists

Our Team

From FinTech to non-profit education, and digital journalism, Floʼs a creative who asks hard business questions but all tech and branding when at the strategy table.
Toronto. Chicago. San Francisco.

Florent DʼSouza. Flo

Founder / Culturalist / Futurist

A global expert in building impactful campaigns for orgs in tourism and government. An avid traveller with a passion for future cities and tech-inspired, inclusive communities.
Doha. Toronto. North Africa.

Uzair Mohammad. Uzi

Curator / Creative Director / Polymath

A quadrilingual creative professional with global experience running large-scale grassroots campaigns for social good in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Design is just the side gig.
Porto. Cali. Global South

Sara Rego

Chief Designer / Communicator / Illustrator

Mayar is a firm believer that great stories are meant to be shared. Preferably through moving pictures. Sheʼs an interdisciplinary artist suffering from Obsessive Colouring Disorder.
Doha. Barcelona. West Bank.

Mayar Hamdan

Creative / Digital Artist / Filmmaker

Chris has worked with complex stakeholders in education and advocacy projects, to push the boundaries of traditional thinking on the pressing conversation of climate change.
Denver. Curitiba. Middle East

Christopher Silva. Chris

Curator / Creative Director / Polymath

Formerly Lead Technologist for a startup revolutionizing the journey of a diabetic, Baljit is a coder who builds products for the healthcare sector, using Machine Learning and IoT.
Delhi. Doha. Mobile.

Baljit Singh. Ballu

Developer / Technologist / Realist

The world-traveling, soft-spoken, high impact marketer, Nina, creates powerful content, to drive engagement. The future of the human race keeps her up at night.
New York. Zagreb.

Nina Krek

Scribe / Passive Revolutionary / Cross-Vertical Marketer

Zali is an Oscar nominated filmmaker and social entrepreneur. He is a Forbes Asia 30 under 30 honouree, for his work in diaspora films, and global non-profits.
Doha. Lahore. Chicago

Shahnawaz. Zali

Strategist / Anecdotalist / Marketing Guru

Standing firmly for diversity and inclusive communities, OC has experience managing marcomms and PR teams for global brands in higher education, art/ culture and media.
Los Angeles. New York. London. Beirut. Dubai.

Omar Chaikhouni. OC

PR Expert / Brand Strategist / Content Crafter

Jem makes sure film sets run smoothly. From big brands and global launches, to bootstrapped indie films, she's been on all sides of productions in Doha, Chicago, Manila and Rabat.
Doha. Manila. Asian Arabia.

Jemina Legaspi. Jem

Producer / Creativist / Diversity Champion

Script writer by passion, Idris is the diabloʼs advocate. Basketball, music, politics and challenging conventional methods of communication, through digital platforms, is his game.
Khartoum. Doha. Asia & Africa

Abdo Gamil. Idris

Digital Storyteller / Filmmaker / Afro-Arab Artist

As a consultant in migration, diaspora, food and health issues, Molly is a trilingual activist in the North Africa region, and a global change-maker.
Rabat. Boston. North Africa

Molly Barstow

Migration Consultant / Organic Movement Activist

Communications and museums professional with proven skills in creating content that goes beyond the boundaries of culture, education and technology.
Gothenburg. Toronto. Doha.

Omer Mohammad

Writer / Photographer / Curator

An integrated artist, skilled at producing engaging content that champions human rights and freedom.
Doha. Jaipur. MENA.

Vibhav Gautam. Vib

Creative / Media Activist / Content4Digital

A Lebanese-Canadian filmmaker with experience on the creative agency side, as well as with studio houses, independent films and advertisements.
Beirut. Doha. Toronto.

Nissryne Dib

Creative / Actor / Director

Our Story

Home is everywhere. Founded in our minds.

The Story

We are a social communications agency, working with non-profits and start-ups in the social justice sectors. We're an agile team of creatives and storytellers, who value the power of technology in our connected futures. Global by birth, we are an ambitious bunch that work closely with our partners in Toronto, Silicon Valley, Doha, Lahore, Rabat, Porto and Buenos Aires, to strategize and manage global campaigns with global impact.


Our work has made headlines in the world's top media outlets, and our people are the crème de la crème of young creatives around the world who have handled budgets of millions or bootstrapped successful startups from zilch. Working with 356Media, you'll get access to designers, technologists, filmmakers, and thought leaders, in fields like education, fintech, knowledge economy, future cities, ecommerce and of course, startups!
Our Style

We are a startup that helps startups. We dislike the lack of high quality comms creatives out there that believe in social entrepreneurs and nonprofit work. And we are here to disrupt just that.

You’ll get to work with professionals all around the world with experiences in a range of industries like tech, government, SMEs, charity, consultantcy, video and film and big corps. We do great work in branding, strategy, digital marketing, fundraising and growth hacking. Transparently priced, we keep things agile and low-cost-high-impact with our operations, using the right tech tools. And we also invest in early-stage startups, giving them pro-bono digital marketing, for an equity stake.

On any given day, we have meetings with people in over ten timezones. If this excites you, hire us!

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