From our first conversation to the hundreds of times you’ll hire us again, you’ll be working with some of the best minds from around the world, helping you take your startup or nonprofit to new levels of growth. Our team has created riveting content in French, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and of course, English, reaching audiences of millions around the globe.

We care deeply about the pressing issues of our time: ensuring human rights, alleviating poverty, eliminating starvation, and making our communities more vibrant, inclusive, diverse and collaborative. Most of all, we are a group of technologists turned artists, or vice-versa, and we’d like to tell great stories for your brand.

Our Services

Digital Marketing

More than ever, people are interacting with technology through digital, social and mobile media platforms. Our team specializes in the latest strategies and technologies to reach, engage and connect with these digital communities. Our work drives leads and ensures growth, rooted in an agile mantra of increasing earned, owned and paid impressions.

Branding & Messaging

We are your partner in identifying strategic opportunities backed by consumer insights to increase your startup or non-profit’s brand awareness. We help you manage these communications and create content that allows audiences and brands to have immersive experiences.

Growth Hacking

We’ve helped startups and non-profits all across North America use lean marketing strategies and tactics across their product, sales and comms functions, getting them 10x growth in tight timelines. We curiously, creatively and iteratively practice data-driven experimentation.

Digital Transformation

Startups scale very fast. Nonprofits scale too slowly. Our work cuts through the bureaucracy, and implements technology tools to increase the effectiveness of your business, internally, and your brand’s customer journey, externally. We are OCD about making brand interactions seamlessly seamless.

Event Design & Curation

Be it digital or physical, we have created tech, media and visual content for scores of industries, in over ten languages, for diverse audiences. Our teams are mobile and can execute complex events like expos, film-festivals, meet-ups and conferences to absolute perfection.

Digital Development

In a VR, AR, IxD world, your brand needs to think about not just creating content for the platform of the future, but the technical abilities to marry innovation, design and your stories. We are technologists with dev and design experience in industries like health tech, connected cars, hydroponics and beyond.

Media Planning & PR

Whether you are a startup wanting to get your brand in front of potential investors, or a nonprofit looking to spread the word about your good work, we have global and local media connections that get you into top publications, and secures you those high impact exposure opportunities for your execs.

Content Marketing

Content is definitely king. But if creating content isn’t your core business, dedicating time and your team to developing brand stories for digital media can be extremely challenging. Fortunately our team spits content that turns heads and wins awards.

Business Strategy

If you are thinking about scaling, or need coaching on tightening your business model and getting your customer persona right, our teams and experts in the North America and Europe can walk your through the nuances of the shared marketplace economy, and how to thrive in competitive verticals.

Video Storytelling

Digital platforms have revolutionized how we engage with video content. At 356M we make beautiful films, shorts, and commercials for brands of all sizes: from global TVC launches, to crowdfunding campaigns. Purposefully 40% of our team comprises of award winning indie filmmakers.


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